Mummy’s Boy



I read this sweet item about Killer Whale Mummy Boys…and was prompted to write this Clinton Card classic. What surprised me was, when I read it to my own 15 year-old boy, thinking he would wince in embarassment…he actually liked it!  Teenagers, there’s no understanding them.Or getting away from them. Maybe I should ask him his opinion when he gets to 30…40…

Mummy, mummy,

I’m all at sea…

Will you please

Look after me?


I could spout forth

Like all the others

But I’m a gentle soul

Need the love of mothers


So stay close by

In stormy seas

When I’m out of my depth

When the others tease


Your school of thought

Comes from a deep, deep plaice (sorry, couldn’t resist…)

It’ll take a lifetime to teach me

Don’t hasten the pace


We’re swim together

In aqua blue

You looking out for me

Me looking out for you


About silent seranader

I'm a London-based writer and journalist, pretty much interested in most things. I love to write fiction -- and have written several novels as well as a bunch of short stories and poems, which can be viewed at Karen on I've started up a new food blog, which reviews places to eat, quite often with a literary or arts connection. I'm enjoying writing it. A bit like eating a good meal, it isn't exactly hard work. It's currently about places in London... but, I think, that could well change.
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