The Lion of Essex

This is definitely more of a quiet purr, than a silent rant….But, as everywhere I look the Lion of Essex is being discussed — if not actually sighted! — I thought I’d add a kitty ditty of my own.  If truth be known, it’s just an excuse to post another cute picture of my cat — the Duke of Putney 🙂 Well, tis the silly season…


Did you see a puddy cat?

Creeping up on ye?

You did,

You saw a puddy cat?

At Clacton-On-Sea?


Did it roar?

Have mighty jaw?

And set about a mouse?

Best shut the windows, bolt the doors!

Hide inside the house


Ah, the monster we hear

No longer to fear

Tis a common-or-garden cat

But when he roars

Just mind those claws

He’s a Lion for all of that!

For more kitty antics see:

And for those wishing a more mature and human read, my collection of short stories is available free on Amazon until 30 August.

And, now to sit back, and watch our paralympic athletes do all the work…. 🙂






About silent seranader

I'm a London-based writer and journalist, pretty much interested in most things. I love to write fiction -- and have written several novels as well as a bunch of short stories and poems, which can be viewed at Karen on I've started up a new food blog, which reviews places to eat, quite often with a literary or arts connection. I'm enjoying writing it. A bit like eating a good meal, it isn't exactly hard work. It's currently about places in London... but, I think, that could well change.
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