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Money for nothing, get your tits for free

Sorry about the rather vulgar title – but my subject is a rather money-grabbing sordid one. Yesterday BBC Breakfast did a piece on the poor unfortunate ladies that now need to have their breast implants replaced, and who want you … Continue reading

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Gay Times

I love the gym.  This morning not only did it allow me a guilt free cappuccino and pain aux raison, but it gave me some fodder for my 5 minute silent rant.  Captive on the treadmill I caught an item … Continue reading

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Leveson, Devilson

This is not a poem. Nor is it fiction. You just couldn’t make it up. It’s a rant, pure and simple, about the seemingly endless and pointless Leveson Inquiry. I try to avoid it as best I can. However, today, … Continue reading

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